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Review: Liz Earle - Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

Poza luata de pe sit-ul Liz Earle

   Intai am sa va arat descria lui, de catre cei de la Liz Earle:
"   We only make one cleanser because this formulation is the ultimate in concentrated yet gentle cleansing power and works on every age and skin type.
   Our plant based cleanser has a two-phase action, phase one is the cleansing. Free from mineral oil, it has a rich and creamy texture and swiftly removes all traces of face and eye make up, even stubborn mascara.
   Phase two is the polishing. Polish off the cream using the pure muslin cloth to gently dislodge dead skin cells and help reveal clean, soft and radiant skin.
   Naturally active ingredients include eucalyptus and cocoa butter for smoother, clearer skin.
   Suitable for all skin types 

   Naturally active ingredients

Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao)

    This rich, creamy butter which has moisturising effects on the skin is made from the roasted seeds of the cocoa tree, the same seeds that give us chocolate and cocoa.

Hops Extract (Humulus lupulus)
This herbal extract comes from the pinecone-like fruit of the hop plant and has astringent and toning properties.
Rosemary Essential Oil/Extract (Rosmarinus officinalis)
This renowned and once sacred herb has been used for centuries in beauty preparations. Rosemary essential oil has a fresh pungent aroma and is very invigorating and stimulating. The extract has beneficial antioxidant properties.
Chamomile Essential Oil/Extract (Anthemis nobilis)
This herb takes its name from the Greek kamai (ground) and melon (apple) because of the sweet apple-like fragrance it releases when trodden on. The essential oil is considered a gentle oil by aromatherapists and medical herbalists have used chamomile for soothing the skin for centuries.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Eucalyptus globulus)
Native to Australia, eucalyptus shoots are a favourite food of the koala. The cooling essential oil produced from the leaves and twigs has decongestant properties and is used by aromatherapists to ease muscular aches and pains.
Otherwise known as pro-vitamin B5, this B vitamin is necessary for the normal functioning of the skin and has a moisturising effect. It also helps stimulate cellular renewal.
The glycerin we use is always vegetable derived. It is a humectant (attracts water), drawing atmospheric water onto the skin to aid hydration.
Beeswax (Cera alba)
The beeswax used in Naturally Active Skincare comes from the honeycombs in which bees store their pollen. It has skin protecting properties and helps to relieve chapped skin.
     Make your selection
  • 100ml pump starter kit - £13.75 
  • 100ml pump - £12.25 
  • 200ml tube starter kit - £24.50 
  • 200ml tube - £23.00 
  • 50ml pump starter kit - £8.75 
  • 50ml pump - £8.00 
  • 30ml tube + 1 muslin cloth - £5.25  "
   Prima impresie despre Liz Earle - a fost cea legata de PR, avem foarte multe de invatat de la ei, a fost o comunicare placuta iar ei au trimit produsul promot.Am fost foarte nerabdatoare sa desfac coletul, care era frumos ambalat, in acesta era un pouch care continea demachiantul si cele doua prosopele (100% bumbac), o brosura (mai bine zis o carticica) cu produsele disponibile, o lista de preturi, si instructinui.

    Inainte de a scrie pe blog, am testat acest produs o perioada mai indelungata, pentru a fi sigura ca nu voi avea diferite reactii ale pielii.
    Am urmat instructiunile:

  • A se folosi dimineata si seara: eu l-am folosit mai mult seara pentru demachiere
  • Se aplica 1-2 pompite de produs pe pielea uscata si se maseaza cu miscari circulare, din centrul fetei spre exterior: eu pentru demachierea intregii fete (aici ma refer in cazul in care am si fond de ten, sunt zile in care nu folosesc fondul de ten sau produse pentru fata) ajunge o pompita, pentru fata si gat ; in zilele in care sunt machiata doar la ochi folosesc 1/2 pompita.

     In poza este continutul unei pompite.
  • Se umezeste prosopelul in apa calduta, apoi se foloseste pentru a curata fata si gatul (nu ma asteptam ca prosopelul sa se curete asa de usor, dupa spalarea lui in masina de spalat, nu se vad urme de machiaj)
 Prosopel dupa folosirea lui, pentru inlaturarea machiajului.
  • Se clateste fata apoi se tamponeaza cu prosopul
    Eu am incercat sa folosesc si dischetele demachiante cu el, eram curioasa de efectul obtinut, dar a fost un dezastru, produs folosit degeaba, se aplica mult mai bine cu degetele.

     Mi-a placut pentru ca:
  • are un miros placut, fresh, miroase a eucalipt
  • lasa piele hidratata, nu a trebuit sa mai folosesc crema
  • nu am avut probleme cu tenul din cauza lui
  • are o consistenta usoara, care patrunde in piele
  • curata foarte bine machiajul
  • potrivit pentru toate tipurile de ten
     Posibile dezavantaje (scriu posibile, pentru ca nu cred ca toata lumea le considera dezavantaje, acestea se refera la recipent si nu la continut)
  • opacitatea recipientului (are rostul lui, pentru a impiedica modificarea ingredientelor active)
  • procesul mai indelungat si mai complex de folosire

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