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Hairstyle:Loose ’30s Waves

 M-am gandit sa incep un nou sir de postari, de aceasta data cu hairstyles.Poate va ajuta in momentele grele ;))

"Nothing says glamour like an old-Hollywood hairstyle. To channel your inner Jean Harlow—like Lindsay Price did for a big night out in Tinseltown—look to the expert advice of Harry Josh. A stylist for Serge Normant at the John Frieda L.A. salon, Josh has styled best-tressed stars including Christy Turlington and Ellen Barkin. Print out his step-by-step guide, lock yourself in the bathroom and prepare for a mini hair makeover!
  1. To make hair super silky, start by using a strengthening shampoo, then towel dry.
  2. To give hair lots of volume, apply a palm-size amount of mousse from roots to ends.
  3. Next, spray roots with a volumizing spray to give the crown some extra lift. (Make sure not to spray the whole head to keep from weighing hair down. Focus on roots only.)
  4. Part hair just to the side of center to create a subtle bang, then loosely blow-dry hair in sections. Hair should be wavy and natural, not pin-straight.
  5. If you’ve got short hair, finish with maximum-hold hairspray to lock in the look.
Meanwhile, long-haired ladies who love Lindsay’s chin-length look should gather hair loosely, taking ends in hand. Create a faux bob by rolling ends of hair under top mass of hair, securing ends of hair with a large clip at the base of head (tips of hair should be facing skyward but hidden from view under mass of hair). Depending on how long your hair is, ends might need to be gathered into a messy chignon and then secured. Keep loose strands in place with bobby pins and then spritz with hairspray."

Cum va place coafura? 

Sursa: glamour.com

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